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For over 10 years, parents in the Charlotte area have chosen MidCarolina Pediatrics for their children’s health care needs. We provide pediatric care to babies, infants, and adolescents up to 18 years.


MidCarolina Pediatrics is located in Whitehall-Steele Creek area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our office is situated in the new medical complex. Specifically designed by Dr. Andrew Ighade, our practice has a layout that meets the needs of our patients and their family. We have created separate well and sick waiting rooms to prevent well children from contracting illnesses while visiting the office.


Our office provides a "safety-proof" environment for your child. MidCarolina Pediatrics is a recipient of numerous awards and certificates. From the Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg (CCPGM), MidCarolina Pediatrics was recognized as a Practice of Distinction (2008), awarded a certificate for Improved Performance in ED rates on our 1st Quarter 2008 state practice profile report, and twice awarded the Above and Beyond Certificate for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to Medicaid Carolina Access II and your community (2008).


Our mission is to provide wellness and preventive health care, as well as care for children with acute and chronic illnesses. The thrust of our practice centers on preventative care, minor traumas, sports injuries, physicals, and urgent care. We offer referral services for our patients. We schedule referral appointments for radiology, MRI, CT scan, neurology, and referral for specialists.

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